The last post

DSCF5443I’m sitting alone, taking the final aperitif on the last day of my seven week sojourn in Provence. I’ve just been bitten, hopefully for the last time, by a mosquito. I’ll be home this time tomorrow

People sometimes ask me if I enjoy taking holidays alone, especially for such a long period, way down in the South. Well, on my own apart from Karil & Peter and the Kiwis with whom I’ve stayed at various stages. And Christine, John and Anais who I met up with again along the way. And Beverley and her family who entertained me during the second week. And new friends at Villa Glanum. And Sylvie, Leonie, Barbara & Richard and Bridget & Jane who all came out to see me. Some of these kind folk shared my birthday. Thank-you one and all. What’s it like being on holiday alone? I’ve absolutely no idea.


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