Some questions from the Dutch

Dear Little Britain, I had lunch with some Dutch people today who work in the high end of the international catering business. They were still absolutely astounded by Brexit: ‘all these years, we have thought the English were so kind and polite and tolerant. We loved the English. Why have they f***** up the European economy? We had no idea they were stupid and didn’t understand how much they were liked and wanted. We didn’t know that they had no knowledge of – anything. Why are they all running away?’

Here are some questions, in no particular order, that I couldn’t answer:

To Cameron: ‘Why didn’t you explain things properly? Why did you quit so soon? Why can’t you take charge and reverse a decision that hasn’t yet been implemented?’

To Johnson: ‘Why did you divide your nation and your friends in Europe? You’re a clever man, why didn’t you see what would happen? Where are you?’

To Gove: ‘Why can’t you see that a Brexit PM will have no leeway in future negotiations with Europe?’

To Farage: How did you have so much influence? Where are you now?’

To Chris Evans: ‘Who?’

I report these questions exactly as they were asked. Apart from Chris Evans, they knew all the participants by name and their parts in the process (which is more than I would if it was the Netherlands that had quit).

It’s not an objective, representative sample but I suspect there are English holidaymakers all over Europe wondering how to respond.




One thought on “Some questions from the Dutch

  1. Similarly my German friends are totally astounded and don’t know why the British public are so dim!Please send love to K1 and K2.Only 2 more sleeps …………

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