The Willows in summer

‘Who’s that taking photos’, asked Mole?

‘It’s her father’, said Ratty. ‘He’s got his own blog’.

Are we going viral’, enquired Mole?

‘You can go where you like’, said Toad. ‘There’s a lot of wine flowing in this garden and I’m staying put’.

‘What’s going on’, asked Mole?

‘Her parents are coming to lunch. She’s scrubbing the deck’.

‘Is she scared of them’, said Mole?

‘Have you met her father’, asked Toad?


‘What’s an understatement’, asked Mole?

‘For example’, said Ratty, ‘when you said things weren’t going too well, that was an understatement.’

‘Does he know he’s cut two identical pieces’, chortled Toad?

‘He will do when he tries to put the other one up’, replied Ratty.


‘Present for you old boy, said Toad.

‘Thank-you very much’, said Mole who was quite overcome. ‘It’s lovely. What is it?’

‘Magazine rack’, explained Toad. ‘For your periodicals: Country Life, Horse and Hounds, Racing Post, The Spectator, don’t you know’.

‘Radio Times’, asked Mole timidly?

‘Pfff’, said Toad.


‘What’s that’, asked Mole?

‘It’s an old tool trug’, explained Ratty.

‘Trug’, repeated Mole. ‘That’s a funny word’.

‘Truck’, asked Toad? ‘Toot, toot’.


1 thought on “The Willows in summer

  1. I enjoyed your blog; made me laugh, even if part of it was at my expense.

    Don’t you think our view of the world in general, and people in particular, is based on the premise that we are always right and everybody else is suspect to some degree or other?

    Trevor Jones replied to my blog with:

    “Congratulations to you both (Doreen, how did you do it!)”

    Trevor, who until now, I have always regarded as a nice man, worked with me when others in the same boat, Dick Laker for example, would say on meeting your mother: “Hello Mrs. Goodwin, had your monthy review yet?”

    My valedictory speech from Manns was made by a man who said:

    “Philip Goodwin’s arrival at Manns was like Idi Amin joining the Archers. The reason I was asked to make this speech is because I have already left the Company”.

    So you see, when Toad said “Have you met her father?”, he was only repeating what had been said many times before in a different context.

    My great attribute is that I know they are right.

    Dad xxx


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