Yet more from the willows

‘I see Alice has moved house’, reported Ratty.

‘And stolen an egg’, replied Mole despondently.



‘Lovely to see the hyacinths back’, noted Ratty appreciatively.

Toad was confused: ‘very pretty old boy, but where are the wheels? Toot, toot’.


‘What’s all the commotion’, asked Mole?

‘It’s a crow chasing a buzzard away’, relied Ratty who had climbed to the highest point in the garden.

‘Crikey’, said Mole, ‘all life passes here’.

‘Speaking of which’, said Ratty, ‘has anyone seen Alice?’

‘Gone shopping’, said Toad enigmatically. ‘Toot, toot’.

‘Hello boys’, said Alice who had just returned from her shopping trip.

‘New dress’, asked Mole?

‘New hair’, asked Ratty?

‘Port and lemon’, asked Toad?